In our kennel, from the first days of puppies' lives, we take care of their proper physical and mental development.


For this purpose, between the 3rd and 16th day of their life, we use methods of early neurological stimulation of puppies (ENS - early neurological stimulation). Newborn dogs differ from adult dogs in several ways. They are blind after birth, and their digestive tract requires regular stimulation by the bitch, which stimulates digestion and defecation by licking the tummies of the babies. In the first two weeks of life, a newborn dog has the ability to perceive olfactory sensations, can suck and crawl. For several days, his body temperature is maintained by the closeness of his mother and siblings. As research has shown, despite such immaturity and the associated limitations, puppies at this age are particularly sensitive to tactile, thermal and movement stimuli.

Then, when the puppies open their eyes, we start working on their proper socialization. We introduce them to different sounds and surfaces. We are implementing the socialization plan proposed by Margaret Hughes, the so-called "Golden twelve".

As soon as the puppies can go outside, we try to show them the world (traffic, driving, large groups of people.. etc.). We also pay a lot of attention to potty training.

We also make every effort to ensure that our little ones go to the best families, where they will be well taken care of and happy. Our contact does not end when the puppy goes to a new home. Communication with our puppies' families is a key part of who we are. We ensure that we are always within reach of an e-mail, SMS or FB message.

Our specialized program focuses on:


♡ Concern for proper physical and mental development

♡ Devoting individual attention to each puppy

♡ Successful move to their permanent home

♡ A lifetime commitment


Breeding program

Our house is full of wagging tails, kisses, wet noses and love ♡




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