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How did it all start? Good question!


Our kennel was born out of love for dogs. It all started in January 2016 when Yuki (Snowflake Princess) came to our house. Our little snowflake is a perfect dog, polite, arranged, always smiling. Japanese Spitz are perfect dogs, full of love and at the same time mischievous cunning. This breed adapts to any lifestyle. Spitz is faithful to his master, he is a charming, calm, tender, ball of fur. From the first days with our girl we fell in

love for the breed and we knew that we would like to have a kennel of these fantastic dogs one day. We started

calm preparations, volumes of books read, many different courses completed ... and finally in April 2022 we

welcomed our first, dream litter of Japanese Spitz. From this litter Asami stayed with us, a little sweet ball, our

home lollipop who loves everything and everyone. Our Spitz is currently the only line of Japanese Spitz in

Poland with roots from KC (British Kennel Club), SKK (Swedish Kennel Club), IKC (Irish Kennel Club), and

our boy Evan is probably one of the last Japanese Spitz in Europe who has ancestors imported directly from

Japan. In the meantime, we also fell in love with another breed and that's how we got beautiful three-colored

bear cubs, first Lambo and after a few months Kama joined him. Bernese Mountain Dogs are majestic, loving

giants with a heart of doves. They love a man with all their being, from the tip of their big black nose to the tip

of their non-stop wagging tail. And so for several years we have been creating our dog-human family. All our

dogs live with us at home and participate in our lives. We care about their well-being, as well as the well-being

of puppies that we bring to life. We want our puppies to go to people who will love and respect them.

If you have carefully thought about the purchase decision and are sure that you want a shaggy, four-legged

friend to live in your house, please contact us!!!


Mała Yuki

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Our house is full of wagging tails, kisses, wet noses and love ♡




Japanese Spitz & Bernese Mountain Dog

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